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Information for Prospective Members

For more information, contact our Membership Chair

Marita Simpson at cadizsimpson@yahoo.com

    • A member must join within first two years of residency and must have moved a distance of at least 35 miles.


    • Joining between June 1st and November 30th, annual dues are $40.00 and include both the member and spouse/significant other residing in the same household.
    • Joining after December 1st, dues are pro-rated at half rate and are $20.00.
    • Thereafter, to remain active, all members must renew on an annual basis by May 31st for the following 12 months.

Newcomer Communications:

    • All our communications are done via email and our website. Therefore, it is essential to have your current email address on file to ensure emails arrive from us. We do not share your email address or personal information outside of this organization.

Our Website:

Once you’ve joined you’ll have full access to our website and will be able to access (among many other things):

    • Monthly Newsletter. The newsletter lists all of our activities for the following month as well as information on where the activity will be held and who to contact to sign-up to attend.
    • Current scheduled Special Events. The website will give a full description of the Event and the cost to attend. You register and pay for Events on our website.
    • Directory: Each member is listed in our Directory and is used for members to stay in contact with each other. Detailed information on each member is available when you click on the member’s name or picture. You can also search the Directory for people for more specific information such as: 1) Members who moved from the same state you did; 2) Members who live in the same neighborhood you do (a helpful tool for carpooling).


    • Normally, each year our Club chooses a charitable cause to support.  This year will not be supporting a philanthropy as we ease back into a full reopening following COVID. We may, however, throughout this club year raise money and donate to various local charities. 

Getting Involved:

    • Remember all of us are new to the Greenville area and have joined this organization to make friendships and learn more about the city and area. To take full advantage of your membership, we encourage you to explore different activities and events in our group. There really is something for everyone, but you won’t find your niche until you try some out for size!
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