We are a social and philanthropic organization of almost 400 members who strive to:

  • Stimulate friendships through shared activities
    Assist Newcomers identify with their community 
       Promote cultural and service programs
       Undertake charitable and humanitarian projects
       Have fun!  

We welcome newcomers to our club and affirm all people regardless of age, culture, disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

Please review our website, attend a free monthly coffee, and contact me at greenvillenewcomers@hotmail.com if you have any questions.  

Also Visit us on our Facebook page for members only   

Kimm Bond


Sherry Havens



Upcoming events

Monthly Coffee &

General Meeting

Our June 15th Coffee will be held via ZOOM at 10:00 a.m. because the Sears Recreation Center is closed due to COVID-19. We will get a chance to meet new members and visit with friends. This month's ice breaker game will be "Stranded on a Deserted Island". We always look forward to seeing you and hope you can join us!  

Click on the tab below to register. 

The Club is Restarting In-Person Activities beginning June 1, 2021!  Check the June newsletter for the latest news. Click HERE for general information on our coffees and location map.

Special Events

Gatherings, luncheons, speakers

27 Activities each month

Eat, drink, play, learn, explore!

News & Announcements


The Club is Restarting In-Person Activities beginning June 1, 2021!  The Board determined that the Coordinator(s) for each Activity will decide when to restart and whether or not masks will be required. (If an Activity is to be held at a public venue, then the venue’s rules regarding masks will apply.) We will not require proof of Covid vaccination due to privacy issues (HIPPA); so, please attend any Club Activity using your own judgment and recognize that some attendees may not have been vaccinated. Greater Greenville Newcomers assumes no liability for your attendance at any Activity or event. 

You are a valuable member of our organization. We thank you for the trust you place in us to keep our members safe and and our Club strong through this uncertain time. 

The Board will keep you informed about new schedules for Club events and activities via our website, greenvillenewcomers.org

Stay well!

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